Our Published Performance Data

Disease Management Above the Standard - The End of Coronary Heart Disease as We Know It. Second Step - Treat All to Optimal LDL Goals and Monitor Your Data.

We developed our own care innovations - PaKS approach and ACCEPT clinical management, to overcome all the problems associated with poor physician performance uncovered in the L-TAP study.


In 2004, the president of the American College of Cardiology, Dr. Michael Wolk, called out all cardiologists and told them why they are not preventive as all should be. It has to do why large financial investments in the interventional treatment of cardiovascular disease and prevention does not work for their medical institutions.

SGIM Presentation 2006

In 2006, we closed the treatment gap and published our first performance data. In 2000, the L-TAP study showed that nationwide, only 18% of CHD patients were treated to recommended LDL-c goal. Ours was 85% below 100 mg/dL and 32% below 70 mg/dL. We had developed our own PaKS approach and ACCEPT clinical management system.

In 2015, the president of the American College of Cardiology, Dr. Kim Williams, called out its member and said bluntly “It is time to turn off the faucet instead of just mopping the floor.” Everyone knew what he meant.


In 2006, we decided to examine and published our second performance data. We had been using PaKS and ACCEPT for over 14 years. 89% were below 100 mg/dL; 51% were below 70 mg/dL.

In my practice, what used to be common and expected events before 2001 became rare and unexpected events.

My practice establish a barrier between prevention that “turned off the faucet” and “mopping the floor” and made this barrier as impenetrable as possible using evidence-based medicine, my passion for prevention, PaKS, ACCEPT and persistence. It serves my patients well.

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